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Bring Home New Hampshire!
New Hampshire Rock Portraits
Photographs by PJ Saine

Discover the unique natural beauty of New Hampshire in these whimsical photographs of the state’s famous (and not yet famous) natural rock formations. Unlike other glossy color photography books, this one promises to improve your outlook on life! For example:

Open this book and find a rock smiling. Smile along with it. Then share that smile with a friend.

Use this book to remind yourself of how inspiring nature can be. Then take the time to lay on your back in the grass and discover faces in the clouds.

Exercise your creative eye. Can you find ALL of the rock faces?

Use these images to jumpstart a search for faces in your friendly neighborhood rocks.

Which rock portrait reminds you of a friend? Send them a copy of this book with a handwritten note that says ‘Thinking of you!'

Use this book as a guide and visit each one of New Hampshire’s rock portraits. The time you’ll spend in New Hampshire is sure to improve your outlook on life!

Interesting New Hampshire factoids supplement the images. Did you know that the alarm clock was invented in Concord? That the first public library and the first credit union were established in New Hampshire? Franklin Pierce, the state’s only homegrown president, campaigned using the slogan “We Polked you in 1844; we shall Pierce you in 1852.”

This book will change how you see New Hampshire! These humorous photographs revitalize a traditional method of discovering the state: by identifying faces in stone. This book teaches you to appreciate a unique natural beauty that can only be found in New Hampshire.

About The Photographer
Award winning photographer PJ Saine writes frequently, lectures internationally, and exhibits his photographs in galleries and museums. The author of 4 books, he has been making a living with his camera for more than 20 years. Saine lives in Lebanon, NH. Visit him on the web at www.pjsaine.com


New Hampshire Rock Portraits
Photographs by PJ Saine

Hardcover with dust jacket
64 pages
Illustrated with 65 color photographs.
Retail price: $18.95

ISBN 0-9749043-0-9

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